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Edible Cannabis Products Australia


Edible Cannabis Products Australia

Edible cannabis products are a form of medicinal cannabis available in Australia. They work by being ingested and then absorbed through the digestive system. They come in a variety of formats including chewables, wafers, capsules and lozenges.

What are cannabis edibles?

Cannabis edibles refers to cannabis products designed to be consumed and digested orally. Edible cannabis does not simply refer to the consumption of raw cannabis flower, but rather cannabis products specially formulated for ingestion. Depending on the edible cannabis product, the cannabinoid content will vary. Edible cannabis products are typically CBD-dominant, balanced between THC and CBD, or THC-dominant. The effect of a cannabis edible can take slightly longer than consuming it in another format, and the effects may also take longer to wear off.

How are edible cannabis products made?

Edible cannabis products are made by turning cannabis oil into an edible format. The formats can vary slightly in terms of how they do this. Some may first infuse cannabis extract into an oil before combining it with something that provides the desired consistency. Others, like capsules, may simply provide a shell to contain the oil for ingestion.

How do edible cannabis products work?

Edible cannabis products are consumed orally and absorbed through the digestive system. This contrasts with inhalable medicines, which are absorbed directly into the bloodstream via the lungs. Inhaled versus ingested cannabis have very different onset times and effects. It is also important to note that ingested cannabis products are broken down differently in the liver and produce a slightly different effect profile. 

How long does it take to feel the effects? 

How long it takes to feel the effect of a cannabis edible depends on a number of factors. A person’s height, weight and size will impact how quickly their body absorbs the cannabis with other more organic factors, like a user’s tolerance will also make a difference. While patients may request an increase in dose if they do not feel an immediate effect, they should be advised that it can take between one and two hours to feel any effects. When using cannabis edibles, particularly if the patient has not been exposed to them previously, it is advisable they begin slowly, with smaller doses, and longer durations between dosages.  

How long do edible cannabis products stay in your system?

How long edible cannabis products stay in your system depends on the same factors that influence absorption time. These include tolerance level, unique physiology, dosage and the product itself. The body needs time to break down the cannabinoids. It can take up to 12 days for it to fully process the system, following ingestion.

What types of edible cannabis products are there?

There is a variety of edible cannabis products available. They vary slightly based on their consistency and characteristics. The main forms to be aware of are wafers, lozenges, chewables and capsules.


Cannabis wafers are thin, dissolvable strips. They may be a suitable option for patients who have issues with swallowing or chewing a cannabis edible. Wafers are generally taken sublingually, meaning they are generally absorbed into the body more quickly than other edible formats. 


Lozenges are a dissolvable form of cannabis edibles, similar to wafers. However, their shape and texture will generally be somewhat different. In order to shape and set these products, they are typically combined with honey or shea butter.


Chewable cannabis edibles are typically referred to as either gummies or pastilles. Chewables have a texture designed for chewing, in contrast to lozenges and wafers which are made to dissolve. They come in a range of colours and flavours, and some even have the format of chewing gum.


Capsules are a form of edible cannabis that involve housing a cannabis oil in a shell that can be swallowed. The extracts are specially formulated and mixed with carrier oils, to be more suitable for digestion. Cannabis capsules offer an edible cannabis option that allows patients to avoid tasting the medicine.

How can Kind Medical help?

Healthcare professionals can learn more about the intricacies of administering medicinal cannabis edibles by accessing the healthcare professionals portal. If you have any questions about our cannabis edibles or additional ways in which medicinal cannabis can be prescribed, contact us today.

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