We make high quality medicinal cannabis more accessible and affordable for Australians.

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Our Products

Over the course of several years, we’ve built meaningful relationships with some of the world’s leading cannabis cultivators to ensure our patients, prescribers and pharmacists get sustainable access to the best medicines at market-leading prices.

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For Patients

Learn about medicinal cannabis, including who is eligible, how to access it and more.

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Kind medical cannabis australia for doctors

For Doctors

Our healthcare professionals portal is filled with information to support your patient’s treatment with medicinal cannabis.


Kind medical cannabis australia for prescribers

For Pharmacists

Everything you need to dispense medicinal cannabis, including dosing, titration and detailed product information.


About Us

Kind Medical is part of Altum International, a family of brands focused on bringing the life-changing benefits of cannabinoids back to the Asia-Pacific region.

Our brands:

From our Perth headquarters and regional footprint, we contribute to the overall Altum mission by providing Australian patients with reliable access to low-cost, high-quality medicinal cannabis.

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