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Frequently Asked Questions

Reference: TGA

I have been asked by a patient to prescribe an unapproved medicinal cannabis product. Do I have an obligation to prescribe it?
I would like to prescribe a medicinal cannabis product, what access pathway should I use?
How do I submit an SAS application for an ‘unapproved’ medicinal cannabis product?
How do I submit an Authorised Prescriber application form?
Will the TGA allow me to access only one particular product?
Are there specific medical conditions for which the TGA will allow access to medicinal cannabis?
Do I need both TGA (Commonwealth) and state or territory approval to use medicinal cannabis?
What level of clinical evidence is required to support an application to access medicinal cannabis for my patient?
Does the TGA publish a list of Authorised Prescribers?
The TGA has approved or authorised my application to become an Authorised Prescriber but the state or territory has not granted me the necessary approval to treat a named patient with the product I have been authorised to supply. Can I still use the product on the named patient?
What is the relevance of the Standard for Medicinal Cannabis (TGO No. 93)?
Am I required to complete the form declaring that the medicinal cannabis product conforms with the Therapeutic Goods (Standard for Medicinal Cannabis) (TGO 93) Order 2017?
Does the TGA charge a fee to process my notification or application to access medicinal cannabis products through the SAS or the AP scheme?
I have submitted a notification through SAS (Category A) or obtained authorisation to supply the ‘unapproved’ medicinal cannabis product through the SAS (Category B) or AP scheme. What if the sponsor of the goods will not supply it?


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